Digital. Creative. Connected.

About us.

We are the leading digital agency within the BBDO Group in Germany. Whether it is a DAX, medium-sized or a start-up company - our specialists have been supporting our customers in the digital transformation of their business for over 30 years. Whether it is developing new business ideas, creating relevant content, or implementing digital products, services and platforms: We combine creativity and state-of-the-art technologies with extensive knowledge from our network. 

Our teamplay is characterized by integrated teams in an agile and open culture. UX/UI specialists, digital strategists, creative coders, full stack developers, designers, content specialists - all of them with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience - work as a unit. As ONE.

No matter the distance: Our employees' (home-)offices are located all around Germany, without it affecting the teamplay. With special events like the annual WE Conference, we still want to offer everyone a chance to meet up and share their knowledge.

About the jobs.

Further education opportunities, role-specific certifications, conferences and events - these are only a few things that we have in store for our (soon to be) team players. We offer flexible working hours with overtime compensationremote work and central office spaces with modern facilities and catering. And even if thousands of kilometers separate you from your colleagues: With online events we want to create, strengthen, and support the bond between our team members - locally and abroad.


Consulting represents a wide and extensive sector in our company. Whether you are a project manager, a data consultant, a recruiter, or an engineer, your main goal is to provide efficiency, quality of the outcome and the satisfaction of colleagues and customers.

Offering the perfect setup for every project and making sure that everything is running smoothly, regardless of the size of the task, is your team’s main priority. Together, you support your colleagues with a broad variety of tools and methods like Agile Jump Start, Scrum, Kanban, Adobe/Google Analytics and a bunch of sticky notes.


Whether it is content for our customers' own platforms, social media – be it influencers, virals or display ads – as a content creative, you create relevance as well as attention and involve the recipients with the right content, in the right channel, at the right time. You create the digital campaign, its declination in individual channels and formats and develop content productions in image and video.

As an UX and UI designer you are responsible for designing user journeys as brand experiences that take all relevant touchpoints into account, ensuring clarity, as well as providing answers and creating an extraordinary user experience. You strengthen brand identities and define design guidelines with tools like Sketch, Prinzip, Adobe CS and more.


Your team is responsible for analyzing trends, identifying real customer needs, and connecting them to our customers' business goals. As strategists, you use proven information sources like Trendexplorer, Think with Google, Statista, YouGov, VUMA, Facebooks Insights and more.

You develop goal-oriented visions and action-oriented strategies, deal with the development of new business models for digital platforms, products and services, and derive successful cross-brand and cross-channel communication strategies for effective user experiences.


From corporate websites to global web platforms, from prototypes to digital products or progressive web apps: You implement digital solutions in an agile project organization with modern technologies and infrastructures by using cloud-based approaches as well as classic enterprise solutions based on Java, PHP and .NET.

Being a part of a team of engineers and developers means overseeing the entire development cycle – from the conception and architecture, through the development and test phase to deployment and operation.

About our work.

We are proud to work for leading companies, which we have supported by offering a wide range of digital services, thanks to our well-balanced team.

About you.

You are a perfect fit if you are open-minded and go through life with open eyes, are passionate about your job and want to contribute your experiences and ideas to digital projects as a team player for the long term. So, ... 

... come join the game!