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Heat4help is a completely new and innovative way of collecting donations for a good cause.
It’s using the crypto mining technology in a way no one ever did before and connects all participating smartphones to one giant mining computer.
So, every user can help on the go, everywhere, anytime, without being asked for money or personal data.
Heat4help has the potential to revolutionize the way how we generate donations.



In the last three years the number of homeless people in Germany has more than doubled. “Gemeinsam gegen Kälte e.V.” (Together against cold) is one of the biggest associations for helping them through the winter months. It helps in more than 100 cities all over Germany with warm clothes, food, blankets and medical care. The founder of “Gemeinsam gegen Kälte e.V.” Thomas Beckmann – a well-known cello player – asked for help to increase awareness for the desperate situation of homeless people in the icy winter months.



We knew from the start: just an awareness campaign won’t do the job. We wanted to develop an innovative product that connects real help with a personal benefit. Therefore, we invented the world’s first mobile app which uses crypto mining for a good cause: “heat4help”. An app everyone can easily donate without spending any money – just by using the computing power of his smartphone and turns your smartphone at the same time into a practical pocket heater – heat emerges during the crypto mining process.



Heat4help let users participate in a crypto currency mining process that helps a mining pool server generate donations. This mining process is doing computational work to secure the transaction block chain of Monero – the used cryptocurrency. The app is part of this process by computing cryptographic hashes in collaboration with a mining pool server. This mining is rewarded with coins by the currency ecosystem to the mining pool. In our case the mining pool is donating rewarded coins to the charity “Gemeinsam gegen Kälte e.V”. The generated coins are paid to the charity’s crypto wallet on an exchange, where they are changed in Euros.


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heat4help App -Übersicht Screens